Flash Jackpots

Reward players for playing!

Add an additional layer of excitement to the gameplay by offering players the chance to win extra prizes.

Rise above the rest with strategic engagement

  • Single access back-office.
    Set up campaigns across hundreds of games from various providers via one back-office.
  • Multiple games across multiple providers.
    Flash Jackpots can be set up across hundreds of games from industry-leading providers on the Bragg Hub.
  • Configure within minutes.
    An easy-to-understand and user-friendly back-office anyone can master in no time.
  • Real-time in-game promotions.
    Prize pools are prominently displayed in-game, creating anticipation and excitement for players.

Use Flash Jackpots to:

  • Incentivize players
  • Boost engagement
  • Foster loyalty and retention
  • Increase LTV

Jackpot wins for players

Keep players on their toes with progressive jackpots, where the prize pool increases with each bet until the jackpot is triggered.

  • Multiple configurations: single or limited number of runs
  • Prize pool amount: comes from the marketing budget rather than the game itself
  • Trigger type: random amount from a predefined range
  • Budget control: define seed amount and maximum exposure where the jackpot will be triggered

Multiple games across multiple providers

Run Flash Jackpots simultaneously on thousands of games from all the top suppliers in the industry available on Bragg Hub.


Flash Jackpots are part of
Fuze™ – player engagement platform

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