Take your gaming
content to the next level.

A state-of-the-art set of gamification and engagement toolset, designed to enhance the player experience, boost online casino operator KPIs, and increase player lifetime value (LTV), all from a single platform.

Available for casino and sportsbook

Strategic player engagement:

  • More players, longer sessions, and more bets
  • Higher player retention
  • Maximized player lifetime value

Your players will enjoy:

  • Top-notch user experience with non-intrusive widgets and badges.
  • Real-time action – each player will see their results immediately.
  • Easy-to-follow promotions that don’t disrupt their gameplay.

Fuze™ player engagement toolset

Free Rounds

Promote or revive games by letting the players get acquainted with them through an already accomplished promotion tool.

  • casino
Tournaments with Realtime Leaderboards

Enhance your players’ experience with exciting tournaments, where players can compete with each other, collect points and win extra prizes. Check out the new format – the time and spin limited Blitz!

  • casino
  • sportsbook

Tailor-made player journeys keep players entertained by having them complete multiple challenges with various goal types and hunting for prizes.

  • casino
  • sportsbook
Promo Push Notifications

Keep players informed and engaged within the game or on the website.

  • casino
Game Recommendation System

Customized suggestions based on the player’s interest patterns.

  • casino
Flash Jackpots

This innovative approach to jackpots adds excitement and provides additional winning possibilities.

  • casino
Bonus Promotions

Sportsbook incentives supported by betting engines, including free bets, odds boost, profit boost and cashback to enhance betting experience.

  • sportsbook

Bounties are predefined single challenges for players with one goal type and a reward for successful completion.

  • sportsbook

Journeys take players on a journey of multiple challenges and various goal types which are time-limited.

  • sportsbook
No Risk Bet

Cashback tool which provides users with the opportunity to place bets without the fear of losses.

  • sportsbook


Using Fuze™ player engagement tools in strategic phases during the player journey significantly increases the number of players and bets.

Average boost in performance achieved with Fuze™ in 2022 promotions*


increase in bets*


increase in game rounds*


increase in number of players*


higher traffic at game launch*

Long lasting effect in player engagement

Games retained up to % more

players, bets and rounds 30 days post promotion

Over %

of operators that try LDBs, use them again

Create impactful promotions hassle free:

Quick, easy to understand, and highly adaptable toolset you can master in no time.

“Plug & play” – automatically available with the Bragg Hub and the Bragg PAM – no additional integration needed.

Set up promotions that run on multiple games, with multiple game providers, and in multiple casino or sportsbook brands simultaneously.

Powerful behavioural analytics help you monitor and adapt your promotion on the go.