Operational Services

Meet your players’ expectations and surpass them.

Our Operations Team will ensure every player interaction with your casino, sportsbook or lottery operation is a satisfying experience. Bragg’s dedicated team brings together more than a decade of experience in creating long lasting relationships between players and operators.

Seamless interaction with players

Manage your players experience with processes that respond to their demands:

  • Registration

    Make the right first impression with an efficient registration process

  • Login

    Allow your players to access your site quickly

  • Deposit

    Give your players hassle free depositing methods

  • Cashout

    Build trust with a reliably fast withdrawal process

We make sure all four processes are fast and simple so the players can focus on their fun. Processes like payments management, AML compliance and KYC are all automated and in line with each jurisdiction’s requirements, ensuring an enjoyable experience for the player with zero delays and complications.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Creating an environment where players are cared for, our multilingual support team is available 24/7 to answer any question and resolve issues.

Our support style is based on proactive communication and a personal, yet focused approach.

Key points that guarantee player engagement and long-term satisfaction:
  • Appropriate personalized action at all points of interaction and player event
  • Support procedures which conform to relevant jurisdictional regulations
  • A 24/7 multilingual, multichannel, highly trained and experienced support to handle your customers queries.
  • Bragg developed in-game live chat

KYC process

Knowing your customer (KYC) can be a time consuming process for both players and operators, from conducting due diligence, checking player documentation, following all regulatory directives, to following all regulatory directives in individual jurisdictions.

Our automated KYC and friendly customer support staff will ensure the process runs smoothly and that players can start enjoying games quickly.

Compliance and Transparency in Anti-Money Laundering

Ensuring your operation complies with local AML laws and regulations with an all points covered process which is easily accessible and fully documented.

Payment, Risk and Fraud Management

Serving player needs, while ensuring player safety and data privacy. A seamless and secure system for quick deposits and cashouts.

  • Deposit Verification

  • Withdrawal Verification

  • Wagering Verification

Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

We ensure your players and operations are safe and secure against adverse risks and fraud, taking preventative actions where required and retaining control of all payment operations.

This is achieved by our proprietary fraud prevention rule settings which are executed automatically upon receipt of a player withdrawal request.