Tournaments with Realtime Leaderboards

Boost player engagement with
dynamic competition campaigns!

With Realtime Leaderboards your players will be able to compare their results in real-time with other players in the same competition.

Rise above the rest with strategic engagement

  • Realtime – Players track and compare their results with other players instantly, keeping them on the edge of their seats.
  • Set-up within minutes – with an easy-to-understand and user-friendly back-office anyone can master in no time
  • Multiple games across multiple providers – tournaments can run on multiple games, multiple game providers and casinos simultaneously
  • Plug’n’play – automatically available – no additional integration needed 
  • In-game – a non-intrusive widget for attention-grabbing and easy tracking of ranking on the tournament

Use Tournaments and Leaderboards to:

  • Retain players
  • Convert players
  • Increase LTV
  • Promote new content

Blitz! New Tournament Format

Blitz is a short Tournament format where players try to reach the highest score with a limited amount of spins in a limited amount of time. Players can re-try for a chance to score higher, but at the cost of losing their current score. Blitz provides players with a leveled playing field where everyone has an equal chance to win!

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Ready in just a few steps

The intuitive and user-friendly back-office enables any marketing team to configure the tournament simply, literally within minutes. Set-up tournament type, its start and end time, participating cages, currency, language, game type, number of eligible players, awarding strategy and many other parameters easily, with just a few clicks.

And for ideas and suggestions for the most exciting and engaging tournaments, you can always contact us, and we will get you started.

Type & Parameters




Realtime data refresh makes all the difference. It allows your players to track and compare their results with other players instantly, keeping them on the edge of their seat, bringing the effect you want.


No need for any additional integration, Tournaments and Leaderboards are instantly and automatically available to all Bragg clients and work with Bragg Hub regardless of the platform.


Perfectly positioned within the game, and visible to players all the time, no matter which device they are playing on (mobile, desktop). Players always know what their position in the tournament is and can follow their scores in real time. 

Multiple games across
multiple providers

You can run tournaments simultaneously on 10.000+ games from
100+ game providers available on Bragg Hub.

Tournaments & Leaderboards are part of
Fuze™ – player engagement platform

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